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10 Blistering Films About Self Destruction

Published June 9, 2014 by gossipzoo


I love films in which people destroy themselves. It warms my cold little black heart. But seriously there is something very interesting in seeing a car wreck life slowly unravel. Yes, I’m a rubber necker and I enjoy the spectacle of people self destructing from my armchair. Whether it is through drugs, booze, gambling, sex or merely through a quirk in one’s nature or life circumstances, self destruction is compelling.

Self destruction in the movies allows us to vicariously live out that path of existence. Our sympathies are usually with the self destructive characters because they are portrayed as victims – a victim of drugs, booze or their own stubborn nature. Self destruction can also be glorified in films with the underlying maxim – “It is better to burn out rather than fade away”. But on the whole, film makers – the serious ones – do a good job of portraying the horror of self destruction and its inevitable consequences as seen in the films below.

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Batman vs Superman Movie: 3 Reasons To Be Excited & 3 Reasons To Worry

Published June 8, 2014 by gossipzoo

Batman Superman

After Man of Steel’s Easter Egg of the Wayne Enterprises logo, many fans believed it was possibly a lead up to a Justice League film, much in the same way Marvel built up to The Avengers at the start of their Phase One films. With the announcement that Superman and Batman will be onscreen together for the first time ever at Comic-Con, fans have collectively screamed in excitement at the prospect of seeing two of the most famous superheroes fight crime or, quite possibly, each other.

There are a number of reasons to be excited for Batman vs. Superman or whatever it will be called, but there are however just as many reasons to be worried about this eventual team-up when it takes place in a couple of years. Is it too soon for this to come out? Would you prefer a solo-Batman film or some other DC hero first? Do you want Christian Bale to come back as Batman?

In this post I give you three reasons to be excited and three reasons to be worried for the film.

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10 Awful Hollywood Trends That Are All Your Fault

Published June 6, 2014 by gossipzoo


Everyone, it seems, loves to rant about Hollywood, to viciously mock its saturated and tedious tropes. If, like me, you spend most of your days wearing a string vest covered in bits of fried egg, sitting very still on a stool and watching the walls rot, you’re too relieved to be out of the house, in a somewhat clean pair of trousers, watching colourful images unfold in front of you, to rage against the system.

And yet rage you do. I’ve seen you outside the cinemas, hacking at holly bushes and bits of wood. Of course, the terrible truth of these Hollywood trends is that they’re our fault. Conveniently, I have a list of ten of these terrible trends, each one accompanied by unsubstantiated and entirely subjective reasons why.

10. Emotionally Manipulative String Arrangements

Forming emotional connections with the viewer is difficult for any filmmaker- it requires skill and care and time. Fortunately, there’s a shortcut: mournful string arrangements and sparse, plinky-plonky piano pieces in the background are guaranteed to have the audience in floods of tears.

Consequently, deep, emotionally driven narratives and quality writing are eschewed in favour of the generic sad soundtrack. And it’s all our fault, because of our stupid brains having a stupid reaction to stupid music: ‘The listener does not need to know what the music means, only how it makes him feel…the onscreen action, of course, provides clues and cues as to how the accompanying music does or is supposed to make us feel’, as Stuart Fischoff puts it.

The inherent emotional effect of certain generic kinds of music is well documented. Shame on you and your weakness for a string section playing in a minor key.

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Batman vs Superman Movie Title Confirmed!

Published May 11, 2014 by gossipzoo

Superman Batman

Or it’ll be Superman vs Batman… Warner Bros can’t decide which one they like the sound of most just yet.

Man Of Steel writer David Goyer confirmed during the Superman 75th Anniversary panel (via ComicBook) that there’s only two contenders for the title of the film;

“So the next film we’re making, we’re already in pre-production, comes out in summer of 2015 and it’s-we’re actually not sure whether the title is Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman but yes, it’s-that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that’s happening.”

Warner Bros have also since registered the domain names,, and

In truth, once it was revealed this movie wasn’t going to be a straight and full adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, it was only ever going to be a vs. title.

It’s by far the most attention grabbing title and is likely to lead to untold riches at the box office for Warner Bros. I suspect Warner Bros are aware that Batman vs Superman is a better title but are concerned that Superman is likely to have more screen time and that it may be more true for it to be called Superman vs Batman… as The Dark Knight is likely to be more of the villain.

Right now, Goyer is co-writing the story for the movie with director Zack Snyder that will begin production in 2014, for release in the summer of 2015. Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill will return as Superman but no actor has yet to be cast as Batman.

Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane will all return.

Click “next” below to read our article from yesterday – 10 Ways Zack Snyder Can Screw Up Superman Batman

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10 Awesome Movie Characters Who Got Totally Shafted

Published May 11, 2014 by gossipzoo


Cinema can be a cruel mistress at even the best of times, presenting to us an awesome, insanely likable and quotable character, who is then killed or otherwise screwed over by film’s end, making the audience feel a considerable pang of anguish as a result.

It’s a testament to the quality of the writing in these movies that they made us like and then mourn or lament these characters within a 2-hour timeframe, but alas, we actually wanted to see these people succeed, making their abject failure all the more devastating.

Here are 10 awesome movie characters who we took an immense liking to, only for fate to have other plans and strike them down in one way or another. Sure, a happy ending for these guys wouldn’t have suited the narrative at all, but we can dream, right?

10. Leon – Leon


Why He’s Awesome: Leon (Jean Reno) is a kick-ass assassin who spends most of the movie fostering a bizarre but affecting friendship with his neighbour, Mathilda (Natalie Portman), while also seeking to help her avenge her family, who were murdered at the behest of demented DEA Agent Stansfield (Gary Oldman). Cue countless scenes of Leon using his ingenious skills to slickly rip the bad guys to shreds.

How He Got Shafted: Leon is nearly home free, making his way out of the hotel in disguise, when Stansfield sneaks up on him and fatally shoots him in the back. Still, before he bites it, he leaves Stansfield with a parting gift, the pin of a grenade attached to Leon’s body, complete with a whole family of grenades, which blows the pair to smithereens.

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Superman vs Batman Movie: 3 Reasons It Could Succeed & 3 Reasons It Could Fail

Published May 10, 2014 by gossipzoo

The sound you're hearing is guaranteed bank. Probably.

Hooray! It’s great news right? I mean, look at that logo – That’s EXACTLY what we want from a DC movie, isn’t it? I mean, what can go wrong?

I mean, everyone loved “Man of Steel”…..oh, wait.

I’ll be blunt – the now confirmed team-up movie is only going to work if the strongest features of Batman and Superman films make it in, and some problems from Snyder’s and Nolan’s visions don’t….There’s no doubt this’ll make money, but so did “Man of Steel” – and that left MANY fans feeling less than warm and fuzzy about a Superman sequel. If anything, the cynical would say that teaming Batman up with Superman solves the “How do we get people who are jaded to come back?” problem – Because, naturally, there’s no WAY they could possibly screw this up……

Of course there is. But there’s a lot that’s on this movie’s side, and it actually fixes some problems that “Man of Steel” had – And that’s important seeing it’s the same people on board for this in some capacity.

So, let’s get to it….Starting with the “good bits”….

3. Superman Is Perfectly Cast, And His World Is Right For Batman To Show Up In

“Stand back! Unlike a lot of other things in this movie, my role seems critic-proof.”

There are many, many niggles about “Man of Steel” and those won’t get ignored. BUT, one of the most encouraging things about this pairing is that it brings something most agree the film got right to the fore, and that’s Henry Cavill.

Let’s face it, if this is done right it’ll be a buddy-movie in the extreme – Both have different agendas and conflicts, but ultimately their goal – To fight injustice and protect the innocent – is going to be the common ground they find. And that’s probably going to happen (ideally) through intense interaction and conflict, eventually arriving on common ground. Cavill could’ve used more “human to Kryptonian” moments in “Man of Steel”, and this certainly means that for all the action this movie will almost certainly have, Batman vs Superman will need to have some solid acting chops on display as these two icons come to an understanding and common ground.

Cavill’s up for the challenge, based on not only “Man of Steel” but his past work as well. I’ll sound out his role in “The Tudors” specifically as Charles Brandon, who had to alternate “the way things were done” and “The spoilt git that Henry VIII can be” with his conscience, personal loves and desires, and what he felt was right. Though “Man of Steel” was light on interpersonal development outside of its flashbacks, Cavill’s got the chops to handle it. More importantly, in a film that conflicted everybody about its story and execution, Cavill seemed the one thing everyone was OK with. Even though I have some issues about the movie, I was definitely up for seeing Cavill put on the cape for another outing.

And to a lesser degree, his Earth/Metropolis/universe is pretty welcoming of a Batman. Nolan’s severe and realistic Gotham couldn’t have welcomed Superman, be it Cavill, Routh, or even Reeve. In the same way you knew Poison Ivy, the Penguin, or Clayface would never turn up (WAY too fantastic and “unrealistic”), an alien from Krypton would’ve plunged Nolan’s Gotham into a black hole of implausibility – Why not help Wayne solve this Bane situation in under 10 minutes (If even that, if we’re being honest)? And if we’re following on from “Dark Knight Rises”, I’m not sure anyone would be interested in a retired, old Batman meeting a superpowered being from another world in his prime – There’s a film for that called “Watchmen”, and when Snyder made that he couldn’t please everybody no matter how hard he tried. Better to bring a new Batman in than try to reconcile Cavill with “The Dark Knight”. “Man of Steel” wasn’t a perfect movie, but it had a great Superman and a world Batman could comfortably exist in.

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Age Of Ultron: 4 Characters Vin Diesel Could Play

Published May 10, 2014 by gossipzoo

Action fans don’t need much of an excuse to be cheerful, but after Marvel Studios announced that Vin Diesel was in talks with them for a future role in a Marvel movie some weeks back (probably Avengers: Age Of Ultron movie) – something later confirmed by Diesel himself – they’re going to thrilled.

Now, for an actor like Diesel, taking a role in a superhero movie seems to be the next step after impressing audiences with his grizzled work on the Fast and Furious franchise, and superhero-dom is always a great next step for an actor to take. But who will this actor portray in the shared universe?

It’s no secret that there are many characters to choose from, some of which can be suited to Diesel, question is, who will he be? Will he be the big bad villain Thanos? Will he bring life to synthetic android The Vision? Or maybe he will be something completely different that no one is expecting.

Here are my 4 choices from what we might see this actor bring to life on the Marvel silver screen in the future…

4. Thanos


Some fans have speculated that the role Diesel will be playing is that of Thanos, who looks to be The Avengers’ big bad some time down the line. Now, seeing as the news has been described as “big”, this is very possible. Vin Diesel would be a fine choice to play this character, with his deep voice and physical presence providing the intimidation factor needed to play a villain.

If he is indeed playing Thanos, however, let’s hope they only use a bit of CGI, as the look of Thanos can easily be done in make up that’s slightly enhanced by CGI, in order for Vin Diesel to keep his intimidating facial structure.

Benicio del Toro was previously linked to this role, however it has been reported that he will play The Collector instead. Vin Diesel would be a fine choice to play Thanos, and this seems to be a very likely choice that the studio would go for, seeing as Thanos isn’t that well known to the public, yet the popularity of the Fast and Furious franchise has shown us that general moviegoers do like Vin Diesel.

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