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Coronation Street: 5 More Characters We’d Love To See Return

Published January 3, 2014 by gossipzoo


Next week will see the explosive return of Todd Grimshaw to the Coronation Street cobbles as Bruno Langley returns to the soap after a near-decade absence.

The openly-gay character will cause frictions with residents of the street, with more than a few regulars less than happy to see his face again.

In scenes that are bound to shock, Jason will be stunned by the return of his errant brother, while feathers will be ruffled as Todd makes advances on Maria Connor’s bisexual boyfriend Marcus Dent.

Todd, who was last seen in the soap back in 2004, announced his return to the ITV 1 show back in June, with his comeback scenes to air on 4 November.

For long-term fans of the TV series, the return of Todd will bring back some old memories and a healthy dose of nostalgia, and it’s got us thinking who else we’d like to see return to Coronation Street.

In its 50 year run, numerous characters have departed in some way or other – whether running away from a problem or escaping a jilted lover, a litany of faces have disappeared forever into the back of a taxi and been whisked away.

And here, with the upcoming return of Langley’s Todd, we take a look at 5 More Characters We’d Love To See Return.

5. Danny Baldwin (Bradley Walsh)


Making his first appearance in 2004, Bradley Walsh played the role of legendary knicker factory owner Mike Baldwin’s nephew, Danny, later going into business with his uncle and taking over control of Underworld after his death.

Starring in some of the soap’s more memorable scenes, Danny was involved in a series of love trysts, including, but not limited to, having an affair with son Jamie’s girlfriend and later finding out Jamie had been sleeping with his wife, Frankie.

Walsh left the soap in December 2006 and can these days be found hosting ITV show The Chase. His commitments to said show may make a comeback seem unlikely, but we feel Underworld is in need of a bit of sprucing up.

And his return would surely mean the women of Weatherfield will have to be on their guard.

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