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COURTENEY COX On Estranged Husband DAVID ARQUETTE: I Still “Love Him,” He’s My “Best Friend In The World” (VIDEO)

Published January 6, 2013 by gossipzoo

COURTENEY COX spoke on the issue of her estranged husband, DAVID ARQUETTE, admitting that she still loves him and that he’s her best friend in the world in an upcoming sit-down episode on “ELLEN.”

DGG 039263

It was Courteney Cox‘s turn on Ellen DeGeneres‘ guest couch and the “Cougar Town” star took the time to talk about her estranged husband, David Arquette, who just filed for divorce last year despite splitting from her two years ago.

And much like Rihanna‘s controversial interview with Oprah, Courteney revealed that she is still very much in touch with her ex-they spent her 48th birthday together last year-and that she regards him as her “best friend in the world.”

She also admitted to DeGeneres:

“I love him. I appreciate David more now than I ever did.”

But even though things turned out fine after their split, she aid:

“It’s hard… I don’t recommend divorce in general, but you know, he is my best friend and we’ve both grown and changed and I think we both appreciate each other more. I hope he does. I do.”

Watch her interview below (where she also talked about peeing on her dogs’ pee mat!):

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Published December 21, 2012 by gossipzoo

Celebrity news has just learned that CHRISTINA MILIAN made a revelation this past weekend:

KARRUECHE TRAN is still CHRIS BROWN‘s “girlfriend”!

PRN 096510

Hundreds of celebrity gossip websites reported in October that Chris Brown had officially broken up with his half Vietnamese model girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, after almost a year of dating-allegedly because he still loves his other ex, Rihanna.

After which, everyone was already speculating that Chris and Rihanna had finally gotten back together, given the fact that they have been spending a lot of time together and have recently shared very questionable photos of each other. And then, reports claim that Chris had reunited with Karrueche in Paris early this month.

But according to one celebrity source, it has always been Karrueche.

Christina Milian revealed about Karrueche and Chris in an interview on “The Wendy Williams Show” last Friday:

“You know what, from what I’ve always known, she’s his girlfriend.”

She continued:

“And that’s where it lies for me. I see everything in the media. I really don’t get into the detail of it, but I think everybody has their own life and how they deal with things. They have the right to handle it how they want.”

So unlike Oprah, she may not be supporting a possible reunion between Breezy and RiRi. She added:

“I think [Chris and Karrueche] make a great couple.”

What can you say about this surprising revelation?

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JUSTIN BIEBER On Grammy Snub: It’s A “Big Bummer” But “It’ll Happen One Day”

Published December 16, 2012 by gossipzoo

In recent star news, JUSTIN BIEBER has finally spoken out on his Grammy snub, saying that it was a big bummer” but that he knows “it’ll happen one day.”

MSA 004314 1

Despite the recently uncovered murder plot against him, Justin Bieber could only talk about his devastation (okay, maybe just bitter disappointment) over not getting nominated for a Grammy last week at his recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Asked about his feelings over the snub, Justin admitted:

“[It’s a] big bummer… I would say that it’s definitely something I was looking forward to… But I know that it’ll happen one day.”

The pop star added:

“I’m so young… I’m blessed to just be able to do what I love every day.”

What can you say about Justin‘s optimism?

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ANNALYNNE MCCORD Explains Why She Likes Dating Older Men

Published December 7, 2012 by gossipzoo

In recent celebrity news, “90210” star ANNALYNNE MCCORD has explained why she likes dating older men.

MTO 006612

Thanks to her pretty face and her sexy figure, AnnaLynne can have any guy she wants. But the 25-year-old actress, who started dating 42-year-old “Prison Break” star Dominic Purcell early last year after her split from ex-boyfriend Kellan Lutz, has decided that she prefers men who are a little bit older.

Though they split briefly in October, AnnaLynne and Dominic, who have been together for almost two years, are still going strong… despite their 17-year age difference.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, AnnaLynne reveals why she prefers dating someone who’s older than her:

“What I like about an older man is that they tend to be your rock… Whenever I have my crazy [moments], like, ‘Ah, this is never going to work out!’ Then he’s there.”

She continues:

“I need a guy who’s confident and is secure in himself, because we’re always apart.”

The blonde beauty then adds:

“What is that song? ‘Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man?’ by Sheryl Crow. That sums it up for me! He’s got to be strong!”

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JUSTIN BIEBER Talks About SELENA GOMEZ And Marriage In Pre-Split Interview On “OPRAH’s Next Chapter”

Published November 27, 2012 by gossipzoo

JUSTIN BIEBER talked about his then-girlfriend SELENA GOMEZ and marriage during his pre-split interview on “OPRAH‘s Next Chapter.”


WBU 019116

Oprah‘s Next Chapter” probably made Justin Bieber and then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, feel incredibly uneasy when the “Boyfriend” singer’s revealing sit-down interview on the show aired on Sunday-almost a month after their split that was allegedly caused by another woman and his “wandering” eye.

Then again, it could very well be an ammunition for the teen pop superstar who is currently trying to win his sweetheart back.

For starters, he talked to Oprah Winfrey about his plans to get married by the age of 25, possibly with Selena. He said:

“We’ll see when I get there. I’m not there yet.”

But Oprah advised him to enjoy his twenties, so the 18-year-old Biebs‘ thought he “should probably listen” to her just like he listens to his mom, Pattie Mallette, who had him by accident before she turned 20.

Justin said about the thought of having babies at his age:

“I couldn’t imagine having a baby right now. It’d be crazy. I’m not ready for that.”

Finally, when asked about Selena, Justin gushed:

“I feel like she’s one of the most genuine people.”

He added:

“She just has a good heart. I can talk to her about everything.”


Do you think Selena will find it in her “good heart” to take him back after watching the interview?

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LINDSAY LOHAN On ELIZABETH TAYLOR Role: “Everything I’ve Gone Through Made Me Ready” For It

Published November 27, 2012 by gossipzoo

LINDSAY LOHAN once again spoke about her role as ELIZABETH TAYLOR in the TV biopic, “Liz & Dick,” and admitted that “everything that I’ve gone through made me ready” for it.

How becoming of her!

lindsay lohan red dress elizabeth taylor1

Campaigning for the role and finally getting to become legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor in the newly-premiered Lifetime biopicLiz & Dick” is both a comeback and a dream come true for Lindsay Lohan.

But playing the late screen legend is obviously a serious job even for the best Hollywood actresses, which was why Lindsay has been slammed for being undeserving of the part and received at least one bad early review for her portrayal of Taylor.

Nonetheless, Lohan is proud of her work. But why does she think so highly of herself and her acting skills?

She told Us Weekly during a recent exclusive sit-down interview:

“Everything I’ve gone through made me ready to play Liz.”

Indeed, she was a child star-turned-tabloid favorite for her troublesome past, her unhealthy relationships and her thing for alcohol and drugs–just like her late actress friend and mentor was.

lindsay lohan grant bowler liz dick first official still1

She continued:

“Since I was a kid, I’ve loved being on camera. Don’t misconstrue that: I didn’t strive to have flashbulbs at dinner or people who don’t know me calling TMZ. And 99 percent of the time, it’s not true.”

And like Taylor, she was both lucky and unlucky for being a huge star under a microscope and having most of her life plastered all over Hollywood news since she was little. Lindsay revealed:

“I feel bullied. I can’t think of any actor who has been subjected to such extreme publicity who hasn’t, like, committed suicide.”

LiLo then suggested that she may even be better than Elizabeth herself–when it comes to professionalism, at least. The 26-year-old star declared:

Elizabeth was drunk on sets. I’ve never been drunk on set, ever. I did my time and I respect the law.”

And what might Taylor advise Lindsay to do other than to do her justice and reap the benefits of good reviews?

Lindsay told the mag:

“She probably would have said, ‘Figure it the hell out.’ You have to learn it for yourself sometimes.”

We wouldn’t say that she has, but we do hope her high-profile role proves that she’s getting there.

What can you say about Lindsay‘s statements?

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LINDSAY LOHAN Talks Cancelled BARBARA WALTERS Interview And Half-Sister With JAY LENO (VIDEO)

Published November 23, 2012 by gossipzoo

LINDSAY LOHAN talked about her cancelled BARBARA WALTERS interview and her newly-confirmed half-sister during her interview with JAY LENO.

lindsay lohan jay leno

Lindsay Lohan sat down for another interview… but it’s not the one that she promised Barbara Walters.

The actress made a stop on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and she broke her silence about why she chose to cancel her scheduled interview with Walters (who is probably still fuming about Lindsay picking Leno over her) on such short notice.

She also didn’t refuse to answer personal questions about her DNA-confirmed teenage half-sister-whom her dad, Michael, fathered while still married to her mom, Dina-and her thoroughly criticized portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in her newly-premiered TV biopic, “Liz & Dick.”

Watch her full interview here.

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