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12 Most Difficult Gaming Moments Of 2013

Published March 11, 2014 by gossipzoo

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It’s frequently said that video games are getting easier in a quest to appeal to an increasingly more “casual” crowd, but these 12 games had something to say about that. It’s fair to say that games generally are getting easier and shorter, but that’s not to say that all games are beyond giving us a run for our money and making us occasionally slam the controller down in frustration.

These 12 moments, whether crazy boss battles, insanely difficult new modes, or weird difficulty spikes that came out of nowhere, had us manically asking for help on message boards, banding together with other exhausted gamers to find a solution.

In one case, the developers even admitted that said section of the game was too difficult and patched it to curb the level of challenge, but most developers held steadfast that if you wanted to progress through the game, you had to earn your stripes. These sections may have made us mad as hell at the time, but looking back, the feeling of accomplishment when you made it through (assuming you did) can’t be denied.

As usual, feel free to add any other challenging 2013 gaming moments in the comments, and if you managed to breeze through these sections, let me know!

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