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The 25 Greatest Adam Levine Photos Ever

Published May 2, 2014 by gossipzoo

Adam Levine, haver of tattoos, and lover of models, is everybody’s not-so-secret celebrity crush, right? That chin! Those eyes! The way he makes his team on “The Voice” feel loved during the, ahem, private coaching sessions.

Really, there aren’t enough words to describe how much we adore Mr. Levine, so in celebration of all things handsome and good in this world, here are our 25 favorite photos of Adam Levine. Enjoy!

ADAM LEVINE’s Engagement To BEHATI PRINSLOO: Why He Proposed So Quickly

Published April 19, 2014 by gossipzoo

Hollywood news is still buzzing about ADAM LEVINE‘s surprise engagement to BEHATI PRINSLOO over the weekend, following their secret reconciliation. So why exactly did he propose so quickly?

Read on…

ALO 0607601

Pretty much everyone was both shocked (but thrilled) to hear that Adam Levine is finally engaged after dating a slew of supermodels-and to his not-so-recent ex-girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret Angel girlfriend Behati Prinsloo, whom he had split from in mid-Spring after less than a year of dating.

After all, she was not the woman that the “Voice” coach and Maroon 5 singer was spotted with just last month during a sexy beach vacation. At the time, it was the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Nina Agdal, that he was flirting with.

Alas, without even any reports of a reconciliation, Adam and Behati were soon back in each others arms-with Nina out of the picture and a future wedding in the horizon!

So why the surprising turn of events?

A source explains to Us Weekly:

“The Nina thing was not that serious and was not going to last. After Adam broke up with Behati, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He realized he really loved her and wanted to be with her.”

Levine then broke up with Agdal, “got back with Behati right away” and proposed to her just over the weekend.

Another friend of the couple added:

Adam kept talking to Behati, and was flooded with emotion when they saw each other again. He knew he wanted to propose.”

On Tuesday, the on-again couple celebrated their engagement by having a romantic dinner date at New York’s Peels restaurant and “canoodling in the booth,” says a witness. They even left a “100 percent tip” on their $50 bill.

Once again, congratulations to the blissful couple!

Photos By PR Photos

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rumored Party Pal Nina Agdal Unleashes The Tittay For The Editorialist!

Published February 21, 2014 by gossipzoo


Do we REALLY have to specify the focal point of this photo? LOLz!

Nina Agdal, the Sports Illustrated model who WAS previously involved with Adam Levine, IS supposedly dating Max George of The Wanted fame, and MIGHT have spent the night with Leonardo DiCaprio a few days ago is now grabbing her boob our attention for an entirely different reason!

And that reason is her unleashed BOOB on the cover of the Editorialist‘s very first print version of the magazine.

Not boobs, just a singular boob that has managed to entirely escape her white dress but not escape the protection of her hand.

Lucky Max! Or lucky Leo? Lucky Max AND Leo??

Lucky YOU for catching a glimpse of that bodacious body part! Ha!!

[Image via Editorialist.]

Adam Levine Welcomes You to The Abs Show

Published March 6, 2013 by gossipzoo

It’s no secret that Adam Levine is comfortable just being in his own skin.

Some two weeks after getting shirtless on Saturday Night Live (at the command of surprise guests Cameron Diaz, Andy Samberg and Jerry Seinfeld during the opening monologue), Levine has done it again.

The Maroon 5 front man and The Voice coach is one of several celebrities featured on different covers of 7 Hollywood magazine as part of its Icons issue.

Ke$ha, Celine Dion and Sophia Loren also have their own covers, along with Bella Heathcote, David Gandy and Sigrid Agren.

Levine, 33, has been busy promoting his new signature fragrance at various Macy’s stores this week.

“2 facts about my fragrance 1 men wont smell bad like a bad 80s movie 2 women wont smell like a stripper (not that theres anything wrong w/that),” he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

The fourth season of The Voice will premiere on Mar. 25, with Levine and Blake Shelton joining forces with new judges Shakira and Usher.

Check out the gallery, above, for shirtless photos of Adam Levine in 7 Hollywood.

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ADAM LEVINE Slams CHRISTINA AGUILERA’s Weight Bullies: “F*ck You, Grow up!”

Published October 29, 2012 by gossipzoo

ADAM LEVINE slammed CHRISTINA AGUILERA‘s body bullies recently and told them:, “F*ck you, grow up!”

See, they are friends!

TYG 0311161

Adam Levine has his fare share of comments about Christina Aguilera‘s extra weight-which she insists on showing off by wearing extremely skin-tight bandage dresses on “The Voice” -but the Maroon 5 singer is defending his soon-to-be replaced colleague from her ruthless haters.

Clearly, although the two artist mentors bicker a lot on set, there’s no real feud there.

When asked about the criticism that Aguilera continues to receive about her curvy figure, Levine said during a press event for their show last Friday:

“People shouldn’t say those kinds of things. Because, ‘F**k you.’ Come on, guys. Grow up.”

He went on to note that “people feel like they can just say nasty things about other people,” especially about celebrities.

Adam added:

“[Aguilera] gets a lot of it, which pisses me off, and of course I have her back, of course I defend her.”

Of course he probably doesn’t get much of it considering that he’s always had a perfectly toned and tattooed bod, but he is clearly aware of all the criticism thrown towards celebs. He said:

“I think it’s a really, really ugly part of our culture.”

He continued:

“It’s not cool, and I’ve never liked it… I think it’s horrible.”

We can’t agree with you more, Adam.

What can you say about him defending Christina‘s body?

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