Our 10 Greatest One Direction Memories

Published July 25, 2014 by gossipzoo

The lads from across the pond have only been around for a couple of years, but no matter – they’ve been in our hearts since day one, with no sign of leaving, but we’re perfectly ok with that! To get you psyched for their awesome new documentary “One Direction: This Is Us”, we’re taking a look at the awesomest, swooniest, and coolest things that the boys have done ever since touching down here in the states. Join us on a journey through our top 10 greatest 1D memories.

1. That time Louis signed a deal with his hometown footy team to play for the Doncaster Rovers for both the love of the sport AND for charity! What a nice, upstanding and talented young man.

2. That time the boys wiggled their way even further into our hearts by launching a brand new makeup line!

3. The time the boys wore kimonos when they arrived in Japan for a big show.

4. That time Zayn dressed as a woman – and looked good! – for their newest video “Best Song Ever”

5. That time GQ in the UK made not one, but five special covers, featuring each of the lads’ handsome faces.

6. That time Zayn drew a picture of Harry, and it was actually pretty good!

7. The first time we saw the sing together on television, and got chills, because we knew that they were gonna be huge:

8. The first time we heard “What Makes You Beautiful” and had it stuck in our heads for the next month, but we didn’t mind, because it was just that good.

9. That time ALL the boys twerked on stage in Miami

10. That time they MADE A MOVIE just for us – their fans!

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