7 Reasons Why Monsters Was Actually A Terrible Film

Published June 21, 2014 by gossipzoo

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Let me tell you a little story about a man called Gareth Edwards. He is a young director whose early works involve a couple of documentaries and a TV movie that no-one has heard about. However in 2010 he finally made it big when he unleashed to the world “Monsters,” a film that gained notoriety around the world for receiving really good reviews from critics around the world. The movie was even more impressive when you found out that Gareth made the special effects and editing for the movie himself using his own laptop.

The premise of the film is simple: A meteor fell on M xico which caused that half of the country became infested with hordes of bloodthirsty monsters, so now an annoying journalist must guide an annoying tourist to cross the infested area to arrive to the US. The film was so well received that (of course) the director started working on a sequel whose first trailer was released last week.

The premise now involves that (for some reason) monsters start invading more parts around the world and when a soldier goes rogue on an infested area a convoy of soldiers in which the brother of the soldier is in (because nothing wrong could come up from that) is sent to kill him. And (of course) the whole convoy is killed and only two soldiers survive in order to complete the mission. Guess who was one of those two soldiers.

As you can probably guess by now I really hated the first film. I’m completely astonished to find out that not only people loved the first film, but that even after hearing the ridiculously dumb plot of the sequel they’re still excited about it. However every time I mention this fact a lot of people seem unable to understand why this film is so terrible; so right now I’m going to take the time to explain why this film is a garbage so bad that it probably makes Transformers 2 look like Citizen Kane.

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