GTA V: 9 Awesome Commercials You Might’ve Missed

Published December 24, 2013 by gossipzoo

Greatness Awaits

I probably shouldn’t admit this before expecting you to read an article I am writing about the game, but here goes. I have never played a Grand Theft Auto game before GTA V in my life. Honestly I never had any desire to. Between watching my friends do nothing (or the same exact thing) for two hours in any given urban location I was pretty much sold on the fact that the series just wasn’t for me and I would be an Elder Scrolls man till the day I died or my thumbs fell off.

Then Rockstar released the first trailer for GTA V and I experienced an instant change of heart.

You knew immediately from the first time you saw it that this was a game you had to play, that it was going to take the GTA franchise to the next level by leaps and bounds. Rockstar games would release several more trailers and videos in the months before the game’s release. If you missed any then you missed out. Here’s a chance to view them all in their phenomenal glory.

9. GTA V: 2nd Official Trailer

Trailer Official 001

If you still were not a fan of the Grand Theft Auto games like me after watching the GTA V trailer perhaps you needed more convincing. That’s okay, you are exactly the person Rockstar made the second trailer for.

What truly got me about GTA V’s second trailer was just how incredibly cinematic it is. The video, like the first, contains no gameplay, but manages to grab your attention by giving solid introductions to the game’s three protagonists. It’s like watching a preview for a movie coming out next month that you have got to see. The music is great, the locations are awesome, and the characters look and sound perfect. Who says video games cannot be made into good movies? If this were a movie based on this trailer alone I would go see it.

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