WWE: 7 Creative Suggestions That Are Best For Business

Published November 29, 2013 by gossipzoo

Shane Mcmahon

Recently I have been using my new position among the ranks here at WhatCulture to highlight what I, an avid 25-year-plus veteran viewer and supporter of all things pro wrestling (not to mention a wannabe that never was), feel is wrong with the professional “wrasslin” business as it stands today. What really has opened my eyes is that many of you out there (my loyal minions, ha) in Internet-land are not all as smarky as I may have initially surmised.

I have had quite a few online conversations now with people who’ve taken my arguments on board and articulated an intelligent, coherent rebuttal or response, far more so than the expected backlash of actual “smarks” that I was expecting. It seems that I may have shut a few of them up, as just about every point I have showcased can be easily researched with the help of your friends over at Google, and makes many a smark argument invalid. Or as one superstar may put it, “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!”

I am not here to convince you to either love or hate. I am merely here to present to you the facts and how I interpret them from my own point of view based upon my own life experiences. But, after a recent article (which you can read here) where I pointed out that a lot of films nowadays get a lot of flack simply because people can’t lighten up, I realised that although my first article was a positive, I should probably take my own advice as to not sound like a hypocritical douchebag.

So, with that in mind and a new “Positively Paige” outlook on life as I wake up to you this fine Australian morning, I bring to you 7 suggestions that in my opinion can only be what’s “good for business.” These are in fact changes I would make to the current WWE infrastructure as it stands right now, if I was given just one day to run things how I wanted to.

To keep with the current theme of staying positive, I will even go back and find a way to turn some of my previous negatives into positives with a single blast of logic that would even make Captain Spock crack a smile.

Let us begin.

Honorary Note: It’s Time For R.O.H. To Take It Up A Notch

Ring Of Honour

Now, as this has nothing to do with the WWE, it doesn’t obviously make the list, but with TNA all but sinking like a brick in the ocean, we need a “new” alternative. From what I get to see via YouTube or whatever, it seems to me that this fed could be the next big thing, but they dropped the ball big time after the infamous CM Punk pipe bomb.

They should’ve milked it for all that it was worth, but it’s not too late to invest some money and take the next step, because there is a spot that has opened up for a new number two that might not be there for much longer.

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