7 Non-Musicians Who Changed Pop Music Forever

Published November 28, 2013 by gossipzoo

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When we talk about music, our conversations generally revolve around singers, songwriters, and musicians. This is only proper, since without such people, we music fans wouldn’t have anything to talk about when we gather together.

It’s lyricists who provide the words that we work to decode. Songwriters write melodies that leave us humming for weeks. Musicians, both studio musicians and band members, are the first to play those amazing guitar solos, drum beats, etc. that leave us hoping to someday achieve their level of magnificence.

The singers take the lyrics and sing them with an amazing proficiency; like the musicians who back them up, we spend hours tuning our voices to reach that same level of greatness. It’s no wonder we talk about such people so much.

However, musicians make up only one part of the music world. There are many other people who contribute to our listening experiences, whether we’re aware of it or not.

These people, while they don’t make music themselves, are just as important as any lyricist, songwriter, or musician.

These people include radio disc jockeys, music journalists, and critics, among others. Such people are important to us because of the way they shape the way we think about music and how we listen to it.

If it weren’t for such non-musicians as mentioned above, I dare say that none of us would have developed any passion for music.

However, even though we owe them a huge debt, we hardly ever give them their due. This is my attempt to make up for my sins in this regard. Here, we’ll talk about ten non-musicians who have made a huge impact on music.

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