Watch Adam Scott, Seth Rogen and More Audition for Roles on ‘The Office’

Published November 6, 2013 by gossipzoo

Adam Scott auditions for 'The Office'

Ahhhh what could have been. The final season of The Office has been released on DVD and one of the highlights featured is an reel of other stars auditioning for parts on the show. Watch Adam Scott and John Cho try out for Jim. Seth Rogen read for the part of Dwight! And Bob Odenkirk, who later in the show played a Michael Scott doppelg nger, was initially up for the part of Michael himself.

Many of these stars were far less famous when they went in to read in 2003, if you’re wondering why producers passed on Rogen. Though something tells me a stoned Dwight would be far less hilarious than the uptight Battlestar Galactica nerd that Rainn Wilson brought to the table.

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