Johnny Manziel — RIPPED BY NFL LEGEND … ‘He’s the Next Tim Tebow’

Published October 20, 2013 by gossipzoo



He might have a Heisman Trophy on his mantle, but Johnny Manziel is going to make a TERRIBLE pro quarterback … a la Tim Tebow … so says ex-NFL stud Jamal Lewis.

Lewis is in a position to judge, he was a beast during his NFL career — helping the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl his rookie year, rushing for 2,066 yards in 2003 (3rd-most of all-time), and breaking the single game rushing record that season with 295 yards.

  • Manziel…

    • Sucks Like Tebow
    • The Next Elway



    • Sucks Like Tebow
    • The Next Elway

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    So, when Lewis was at LAX this weekend, we had to get his opinion on Johnny Football … who’s strongly hinted he plans to go pro after he finishes his sophomore year at Texas A&M.

    J.L. couldn’t have been more clear — Manziel will be a disaster in the pros.

    Still, we gotta ask …

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