GTA V: 5 Radio Stations Previewed

Published October 10, 2013 by gossipzoo


Over the weekend, we found out a truckload more information about GTA V, specifically as it pertains to the sound of the game. Rockstar announced that GTA V will have a whopping 15 radio stations along with 2 talk radio stations, totaling over 240 licensed songs, and also an original, context-sensitive score provided by Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese, Woody Jackson (who previously worked on Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire), and The Alchemist & Oh No.

In addition to the five tracks that Rockstar released samples of, we’ve also learned that the likes of Pam Grier and Kenny Loggins will be hosting other radio stations (soul and rock respectively). While some stations are starting to leak out given the PSN screw-up last week, Rockstar have posted some official sample clips to whet our appetites ahead of the September 17th release date…

5. Vinewood Boulevard Radio

Wavves Gta V

Ensuring that GTA V is going to remain eclectic despite a setting that so clearly lends itself to the rap genre above all others, Vinewood Boulevard Radio is to be a contemporary rock music station, hosted by Stephen Pope and Nate Williams from the band Wavves.

From the sample, Bass Drum of Death’s Crawling After You stands out as a particularly energetic tune that’ll be great fun for racing along the Los Santos streets, leaving the cops trailing in the dust (hopefully). The anti-establishment commentary from Pope and Williams should function as a hilarious satire of stereotypical rock music tropes. Here’s the full track list below, along with the sample:

The Black Angels – Black Grease
Sam Flax – Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself
Metz – Wet Blanket
Ceremony – Hysteria
Bass Drum of Death – Crawling After You
Shark? – California Grrls
FIDLAR – Cocaine
Ty Segall Band – Diddy Wah Diddy
Moon Duo – Sleepwalker
Thee Oh Sees – The Dream
Hot Snakes – This Mystic Decade

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