‘The Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Takes His Sister’s Advice And Dumps Tierra

Published April 8, 2013 by gossipzoo

The Bachelor

Sean and his remaining six ladies head to St. Croix this week via seaplane…jealous! Next week are the hometown dates, which mean the one-on-one dates are crucial to these girls. Des brings in the first date card and it goes to AshLee. As she goes off to get ready for the date, Tierra calls her a cougar and questions why she is thirty-two and single. What a biotch! Sean and AshLee swim out to a Catamaran where they will sail to a private island. While Sean and AshLee are on the beach talking, AshLee spills the beans about Tierra and tells him that she isolates herself from the rest of the house and isn’t the girl that he sees when he is with her. Then the two have a make out session on the beach like they are starring in the newest Chris Isaak video. AshLee has something important to tell Sean before he potentially meets her family…what will her secret be? AshLee tells Sean that she got married when she was seventeen and it was one of the biggest mistakes in her life. She seems relived that she told him but at the same time she feels like she ruined the moment. Judging by the way Sean looked into her eyes and gave her a kiss, we think that those two will be just fine. Oh, and she screams at the top of her lungs that she loves him.

The next date card goes to Tierra and she couldn’t be more excited, as the other girls puke a little in their mouths. On Sean and Tierra’s first one-on-one date, they will explore the streets of St. Croix but she can’t stop complaining about the heat and the bugs. After he buys her a few pieces of jewelry, they come across a traditional parade with music and bright costumes. As the girls sit at home hoping that Sean will see the true side of Tierra, he only sees the sweet and fun loving girls he met since day one. Tierra expresses her concerns that Sean is distant from her tonight and he tells her that it has to do with the drama in the house with the other girls. Tierra tells Sean that she is falling in love with him and he seems to forget all the warnings from the other girls.

Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay receive the group date card, leaving Lesley with the last one-on-one date with Sean. Sean wakes the girls up (wearing no makeup) and takes pictures of them first thing in the morning….creepy! He tells them than they have five minutes to get ready for their date. They all jump in the Jeep and head to the farthest east that you can go in the United States and will witness the sunrise, first. Sean tells them that they will also see the sun set that night, giving the four an entire day with him. As they explore the island via road trip, the see the sugar mill, have lunch at a caf up north and explore a giant tree house. As Sean and Desiree seem to be having their own date, Catherine and Lindsay sit back in the tree house and pout as they want more time with him. As the group frolic on the beach together (Sean is shirtless, of course) they all try to steal a few moments alone with Sean, so they can take home that rose. Catherine tells Sean that her father will not be in the picture if he does choose her for a hometown date and he thanks her for opening up to him…he always knows what to say! But who will get the group date rose? Sean gives it to Lindsay. Apparently, that wedding dress on day one really stole his heart!

On Lesley’s date, the two will simply chill together and talk. Sean feels like she isn’t one of the top contenders and he needs a little time to figure out if his feelings for her are real. It seems like every time he asks the girls if there is anything he needs to know before he goes home, they get extremely nervous and have something intense they have to share with him. Will Lesley tell him that she loves him or will she blow her chances at getting the rose?

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