Mila Kunis Not Pregnant as Speculated

Published November 1, 2012 by gossipzoo

Mila Kunis not pregnant is a headline, which appears to have dominated the celebrity magazines and papers. The sexy Black Swan actress has been dating Ashton Kutcher for some months now, however, denies all rumours that she is expecting their child. There has been a huge amount of speculation surrounding the pregnancy, since Mila was snapped by the paparazzi with a distinctive baby bump.

The striped tank top that she was wearing on the day in question provided the perfect swollen tummy appearance. The bad camera angle, offset lighting, and clinging top sparked the rumours that she was in fact pregnant. This is just another rumour in the long line that follows stars wherever they go, and both Mila and Ashton are used to the publicity.

Mila and Ashton, alongside their representatives were quick to announce the Mila Kunis not pregnant statement, which should have stopped the rumours. The actress, who was recently voted the sexiest woman in the world, has expressed a desire to be a Mom, however, not just yet.

mila kunis pregnant

The couple has made no secrets about the desire to become parents, however, at separate occasions, and not as a couple. Ashton feels at 34 that his biological clock is ticking and that it maybe is time for him to start a family. The actor is encouraging Mila to consider the possibility that they could have a baby, and be fantastic parents.

This Hollywood couple are incredibly private, and kept the fact that they were dating a secret for many months. Therefore, the rumours that Mila may be pregnant are not a shock, and it would not surprise anyone if she was in fact, expecting their baby. However, for the moment the headlines will need to remain Mila Kunis not pregnant, until they are ready to announce the happy news.

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