NICOLE RICHIE To Star As Herself In New Sitcom “The New Normal”

Published September 30, 2012 by gossipzoo

Celebrity news reports that NICOLE RICHIE is set to star as herself in a new NBC sitcom titled, “The New Normal.”

SDW 004131

Nicole Richie returns to television for a scripted show, but she won’t be playing a fictional character-or anyone else, for that matter.

The famous socialite and reality star, who has starred on non-reality shows like “Chuck” and “American Dreams,” will be playing herself on “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy‘s new NBC sitcom, “The New Normal,” which premiered earlier this month. It focuses on a single mother, her old-fashioned grandmother and a gay couple, for whom she becomes a surrogate.

Murphy announced Nicole‘s casting (as well as of “Star Strek” star George Takei) on Twitter, which Nicole retweeted, adding:

“Wooohoooo!! RT @MrRPMurphy: Proud to announce Nicole Richie and the legendary George Takei are joining The New Normal family.”

What do you think of Nicole‘s new TV casting?

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